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Zoƫ said:
Tuesday, 31 Jul 2018
We have just started homeschooling our 15 year old and need all the help we can get! This website has already been very useful. Thanks.
Christine said:
Tuesday, 28 Jun 2016
Easy to navigate site with lots of information on home education. Great supply extra's too, to order if wish.Look forward to reading through, and finding out more.
Anne said:
Thursday, 10 Mar 2016
Hi , We are just in the process of starting to home school our 12 year old son. He was due to start Secondary School in the summer. However due to heightened anxiety and dealing with dyspraxia and dyslexia, we felt it best to continue educating him at home. Any help, hints or pointers you can give us would be greatly appreciated. Regards
Anne-Marie said:
Monday, 13 Apr 2015
Even after a quick browse I've found your site to be most useful. I'm sure I'll return. Many thanks
Michael said:
Monday, 30 Jun 2014
Hello, We are looking at home schooling our daughter temporarily until she is allocated a space in the school we have applied for. I have found you site very informative and a great help. Thanks!
Tracey said:
Monday, 2 Jun 2014
So glad I found your website,very helpfull as we want to travel and I was unsure of the rules ,thankyou for great info
Yvonne said:
Saturday, 5 Oct 2013
This is the best homeschooling website I've seen-really helpful.Thank you!
Emma said:
Sunday, 30 Dec 2012
We are just starting out and have found this site very insightful, thank you.
Lorraine said:
Thursday, 22 Nov 2012
Found website very usefull but still do not quite understaand how to go about taking my daughter out of school
Priya said:
Friday, 7 Sep 2012
It is so nice and it is very useful to people
Yeongmi said:
Wednesday, 2 May 2012
Surprise! I found this site. I'm so happy. These days I'm thinking about home schooling. I'd like to know more about home schooling. Thank you.
David said:
Monday, 3 Oct 2011
So far I Ihave found this to be the most helpful site. Thank you.
Lynn said:
Friday, 18 Mar 2011
I have massive Issues with the School of my son. So am considering Home Schooling since some time now. Keep coming back here to inform myself. About the LAW etc. and now made up my mind. Thanks for all the information.
Helen said:
Tuesday, 15 Feb 2011
I have bean home school my child for a year now your site is the best yet thank you
Valerie said:
Thursday, 10 Feb 2011
What a fantastic site. I am considering homeschooling my children as we have bullying issues and general issues about the school in general. I found the site really useful.
Raeesah said:
Thursday, 10 Feb 2011
Currently running a tutoring company. need all the help and info I can get. many thanks.
Angie said:
Saturday, 6 Nov 2010
I am going to home learn my children and getting all info I can thanks
Lesley said:
Thursday, 28 Oct 2010
Due to problems with daughter with dyslexia I am seriously considering homeschooling and your website is very informative.
Emma Louise said:
Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010
I would really like to find a Homeschooling group in Leicester if anyone can help, I'd be very grateful
Ang said:
Wednesday, 1 Sep 2010
Interesting and informative site
Anne said:
Tuesday, 24 Aug 2010
Interesting site. I'm trying to form a new group in Lewes to help and inform parents of older home educated children so all information is greatly appreciated.
Enid said:
Saturday, 7 Aug 2010
I look forward to receiving the monthly newsletter.
Carol said:
Thursday, 8 Jul 2010
My daughter is being bullied on a daily basis and after all the meetings, feel for everyone's sanity, home schooling is the only way ahead. In this respect, your website and newsletter would be of great help. Thank you.
Melanie said:
Thursday, 1 Jul 2010
Excellent website and I can not wait to start home schooling my two boys with ASD. Will be recommending this site.
Mandy said:
Tuesday, 15 Jun 2010
My daughter is so unhappy at her high school, and I would like to home educate her, so thanks for all the good information.
Gillian said:
Wednesday, 9 Jun 2010
My son is very unhappy at his high school and I really am interested in teaching him at home, so I need lots of information before I decide to do it. Thank you
Anonymous said:
Friday, 26 Mar 2010
Hi, I am in Texas, USA and find your website very helpful. Thank you, and keep up the good "un" work!
Lisa said:
Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010
Just started home education with my son this week, and have found this site very helpful. thank you!
Geoff said:
Wednesday, 3 Mar 2010
This looks like a great website for a parent, such as myself, considering home schooling as an option.
Karen said:
Monday, 1 Mar 2010
FANTASTIC site, full of information, help and support!!! Will be back again thank you!! Karen x
Kelly said:
Monday, 18 Jan 2010
Thank you for your brilliant website,i have wanted to homeschool my daughter for a long time and feel more confident that it would be the right decision now.
Nikki said:
Friday, 15 Jan 2010
Thank You for the valued information.
Fiona said:
Wednesday, 13 Jan 2010
Excellent site gave me all the information I needed.thanks
William said:
Sunday, 27 Dec 2009
Thank you for assistance already gained just by visiting your site, this seems to be the answer book that I have been looking for..... Great..!
Alastair said:
Sunday, 1 Nov 2009
Hi there, Can someone else homeschool my children? Do you know of any homeschoolers in Sunderland, UK? Thanks. AJ
Kerri said:
Monday, 19 Oct 2009
Loads of information all in one place very very helpfull. Thank you.
Deeka said:
Tuesday, 29 Sep 2009
Thank for you wonderfull webpage
Janette said:
Thursday, 11 Jun 2009
So far I have found your site excellent. Just what I was looking for. Thank you.
Tuesday, 7 Apr 2009