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Employing a Private Tutor as Part of Home Schooling

By: Louise Tobias BA (hons) - Updated: 18 May 2019 | comments*Discuss
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Home Tutoring In A Home School Education

Some parents feel unable to cater for their child's entire teaching and want to hire a private tutor for some subjects, or others may book a tutor for a child's entire home learning. It's best to shop around as many tuition agencies offer home education packages with tutors who are especially used to home schooling. These may offer online tutoring as well as one to one private tutoring, with aims such as helping students to better understanding a particular subject, pass an exam or improve intellectual capacity.

Home Tutoring Subjects Available

Private tutoring options encompass almost every subject you can imagine, from maths and science to art and design technology - although the latter will require the home education 'classroom' to contain certain resources. Certainly all subjects on the National Curriculum are covered by tutors, and there will be a diverse range of tutors available in sources like the local telephone directory or online; most tutors are prepared to visit a family's home for the lessons, although some will host lessons in their own home or another space such as a public hall. It is useful to be aware that all private tutors should know about the National Curriculum and/or qualifications such as GCSEs, ASs and A Levels and can be used as a source of advice.

The Cost of Home Tutoring

Private tutoring was once a privilege for only wealthy families but it is now developing a more mainstream appeal. Many tutors will offer their tutoring services as a supplement to their own income such as classroom teaches. Fees will normally be per hour, but if a home schooling family require a great deal of time, or several children to educate, they may be able to negotiate a discount. Fees usually start at £10 per hour and can rise by anything up to £40 an hour, but again, this may differ if a lot of time is booked for one family's needs, or a long term engagement is organised.

Finding an Ideal Home Tutoring

Tutors can help home schooled children with a range of skills, from help with general learning of a particular subject to specialised exam tips to helping them go through past papers to advising on the expected way that qualifications such as GCSEs and A Levels will be tackled. Tutors may also help children to work out a study or revision timetable, so it is worth trying out a few tutors to find the best 'match' for your child as each may have different skills in these areas.

It's important that the tutor gets on well with your child, and that he or she comes with recommendations, ask for references or go through a local tuition centre that accredits its tutors. Ask about qualifications such as teaching degrees or courses and subject qualifications such as degrees, as well as whether tutors have had a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) check. Some Local Education Authorities (LEAs)may be able to offer help such as a list of tutors working in a particular area, although no funding help will usually be made available for home tuition.

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Hi, I'm a fully qualified English teacher with over 15 years experience. I specialise in GCSE and A level Literature and Language but teach earlier stages too. I'm interested in tutoring for home schooled students in the Dorking area, Surrey. I love English and can't wait to pass that enthusiasm on. Please get in touch if you are interested.
Elizabeth - 1-May-19 @ 4:52 PM
I'm an experienced primary school teacher offering tutoring in Bournemouth and Poole for the primary age range. I have 2 young children who I am planning to home educate.
Mrs Lockyer - 31-Mar-19 @ 4:48 PM
Can somebody help /advice I am looking to "home school" my additional needs boy, but I am looking to hire a tutor who is working from register childminder house. As that way he can learn social skills etc. Is this legal? What do I need to do? Can someone point me to right direction? Thank you so much for your time Marketa Priestley
Marketa - 19-Mar-19 @ 3:05 PM
If anyone needs help with their GCSE or A level Art & Design with specialism in fine art or textiles I can help. Last years results were 100% A**/9- A/7 & A Level History of Art 2018 result 100% grade Aor if you just have a child that looks creatively promising then I am available to tutor so please contact me. I can teach various aspects of drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and art textiles. I am able to cover severalareas in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and north Bucks. Thank you
Bmw61 - 15-Feb-19 @ 11:46 PM
My 13yr old is on the spectrum and is struggling in school and as yet has not had an education psychologist assessment so instead of fighting system I was wondering about having him tutored at homelike how I go about it where to find a tutor and costs etch if any one could help I would really appreciate this we live in northern Ireland x
Karen - 15-Jan-19 @ 4:31 PM
Hi, l have had to take the decision to home school my son, he has missed most of year 11 due to bullying, l am looking for a tutor then can help him with maths and help him catch up and get confidence with maths again.
Tracy - 3-Jan-19 @ 10:59 AM
I am a qualified primary tutor who has been working in schools for 14 years. I have A range of experience dealing with all subjects and children of varying needs. I will be avaible from the beginnning of April on a Monday and Tuesday.
Mrs trimby - 28-Nov-18 @ 9:29 AM
Looking for a tutor once a week for 2 childrenDorchester area.
Karen - 15-Nov-18 @ 6:51 PM
I am looking for a maths tutor for my 12 year old he is currently around year 4 level maths and out of school temporarily. Thanks
Clare - 18-Oct-18 @ 2:46 PM
Hi I’m looking for home tutor to cover English maths history in Poole Dorset ..least 9 hours a week for year 9 age 13
Jo - 2-Oct-18 @ 8:14 AM
Hello. I am looking for an affordable tutor for my 6 and 8 year old to teach Maths and English. Around 4 hours per week. Ideally in the day but evenings could work.
Jane - 17-Sep-18 @ 1:50 PM
Hi I'm looking for a tutor to teach a year 9 student covering gsce in the Kidderminster area
Donnamarie - 25-Aug-18 @ 8:06 PM
I a private tutor in Teignmouth, Devon, with 5 years experience working with students from 5-17. As I was home tutored myself, I have a great affinity for homeschooling, and a drive to help parents and their children find the curriculum that's right for them. I take an individualistic, holistic approach to tutoring, and prefer to write a learning plan with the student and parents' input.
Lillian - 27-Jul-18 @ 8:36 AM
Ellsmell - Your Question:
Would my child jut be able to go on a website or get work sent home instead off attending school and not been shown absent on the register

Our Response:
No you need to formally withdraw your child from the school if she doesn't want to attend.
AHomeEducation - 4-May-18 @ 2:03 PM
Would my child jut be able to go on a website or get work sent home instead off attending school and not been shown absent on the register
Ellsmell - 2-May-18 @ 9:52 PM
Ak - Your Question:
I have 2 children who I want to homeschool with a teacher one of them is 14 and she is already home schooled but its difficult without a teacher and my 11 year old also because he is struggling a lot

Our Response:
You can find private tutors in your area by an Internet search or perhaps try contacting your Local Education Authority.
AHomeEducation - 20-Apr-18 @ 2:47 PM
I have 2 children who i want to homeschool with a teacher one of them is 14 and she is already home schooled but its difficult without a teacher and my 11 year old also because he is struggling a lot
Ak - 18-Apr-18 @ 1:16 PM
I have an 11 year old girl year 7 who is very bright and did well during her sats however she is not thriving at high school. I’d go as far as to say she hates it. Im wondering about cost and how home schooling works she would need a regular tutor to cover all subjects and formal exams as she wants to be a doctor. Please help.
Clairelou - 14-Mar-18 @ 8:36 AM
Im an English /History teacher and can show my qualifications as required. Ive recently retired and would be available, and happy to do so, during day time to tutor high schoolstudent(s) (could probably manage years 5 and 6) in the Sydney area .My emailis pamandian@iinet.net.au .i live in Ryde but Im happy to travel Ian mcAlpin BA Grad Dip Ed
tigerian - 13-Sep-12 @ 1:02 PM
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