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Where Can my Home Schooled Child Take Examinations?

By: Louise Tobias BA (hons) - Updated: 13 Jan 2021 | comments*Discuss
Where Can My Home Schooled Child Take Examinations?

Information About Exam Entry for Home Schooled Children

For home schooled children who have studied for a public exam like GCSEs or A levels either independently, through a private tutor, or via a correspondence course, it is usually the pupil's own responsibility to find an exam centre, register for the exam, find a qualified person to assess coursework, and enter examinations.

Exam boards such as OCR and Edexcel provide 'guides for private candidates' that can provide extra information on this topic - this is available by calling the exam board directly or can be downloaded from the exam board's website. Inside these booklets you will also usually find the required exam and/or coursework entry forms that you may need.

Home Schooled Candidates' Advice on Examination Officers

Examination Officers do not have to accept private candidates to their exam centre so it is important to know about the systems in place before contacting the officer, that way you will seem organised and he or she will feel more relaxed about accepting your application. Note down your exam board number, syllabus number and unit code numbers before contacting the examining officer, and make sure the information is correct!

Find out closing dates for entering an exam, and speak to an examining centre well in advance of those dates. Find a centre by contacting the exam board for a list of local centres - this information will usually also be available online. Centres will have to be registered by the exam board, and may include schools, colleges, private tuition colleges, sixth form centres, or other adult education centres. Note that not every centre will offer every exam, so you should be prepared to make lots of phone calls to lots of different centres.

Different Types of Exams

Exams which do not have a coursework or oral component will usually be the easiest to arrange, requiring only an exam entry form to be submitted, before then assuring the exam centre of your identity and provide contact details. Applicants for qualifications which involve coursework have to find a way of having the coursework examined. This might be an exam board moderator but will usually not be anyone at the exam centre and this should be made clear to the exam officer.

Exam Entry Paperwork

Students will be provided with paperwork to fill in by their examination centre and should do so before the deadline set by each centre - this might include a visit to the centre for them to check the candidate's identity. There will also be exam entry fees to be paid, which usually cost around £25 - paid to the examining board - for most GCSEs, and £12 for each single A level module or unit (remember, A levels consist of six units). Others cost more - English GCSE, for example, will usually be charged at between £40 - £50. Many exam centres will also ask for an additional administration fee which will need to be paid to them directly.

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I took my year 10 twins out of school in september due to covid and now their is a chancr school wont accept them back so im staying with homeschooling them but how do i go about registering them privatly to sit gcses next year
Mand - 13-Jan-21 @ 11:41 AM
hi i have recently dropped out of high school i need a place to sit an urdu exam what could i do?
h - 29-Dec-20 @ 4:22 PM
Hi, my son is in year 11 and the school are refusing him a reduced timetable. It was agreed by myself the senco and post 16 team a reduced timetable would be his best chance of passing English or maths at gcse. But the school are still refusing. I want to home school him in just English and maths but don’t know how to arrange his exams. Any help will be much appreciated. Many thanks Lucy.
Lucy. - 7-Dec-20 @ 2:20 PM
Hi all, I tutor students being home-schooled. As long as you have the right resources independent learning at Home is every possible.
Learning at Home - 27-Oct-20 @ 10:01 PM
Hi, my son has just turned 16, he’s in yr11 but due to severe anxiety he hasn’t been to school since last November 2019 when he was in yr 10. Obviously Covid hasn’t helped and the school have been totally against me and almost aggressive and have now said they are not putting him in for any exams unless he returns to school full time! This isn’t possible but he wanted to do just 3 subjects just so he doesn’t leave school with nothing..... again the school have refused and have also told me that home schooling him isn’t an option. I don’t know where to turn as primarily my concern is for his wellbeing but he wants to do some GCSEs. I contacted the local college who said he cannot enrol with them until next September after he’s finished school. I just don’t know what to do and I can’t seem to get any help or advice that will enable him to sit a few exams in summer 2021. Btw his previous predictions when he was last at school we’re all level 7/8 for every subject so I’m not happy that all the work he’s done up to yr 10 is going to be lost ?.... any advice welcome
Twin mum +1 - 15-Oct-20 @ 4:28 PM
How do we go about taking our 15 year old year 11 out of school to home school. What help could we get to home school. Who do we speak to. What subjects would he need to cover and how would we prepare for GCSEs. Where would he take them and do we have to pay for everything.Are there any groups where we could speak with other parents in the same situation
Cherry - 24-Sep-20 @ 4:26 PM
I'm looking at taking my Yr 11 out due to bullying. Can anyone recommend online tutors or classes for GCSE. Looking for English maths and French.
ac - 16-Sep-20 @ 4:12 PM
Hi. My 14 year old son is homeschooled & has tutors 5 days a week. At what stage do I enquire about him sitting his GCSEs & where will he sit them? Thanks
KL - 8-Sep-20 @ 5:17 PM
Hi. My sister is considering home schooling because of certain situations in school. She is 15 and I just wondered would we have to pay for her exams.? Many thanks.
A - 2-Sep-20 @ 2:07 PM
Im a homeschooled student never attended to school due lack of school admission . I want to write exams for high school level so i do degree course after that exam. What are the procedure to attend exam which is good Igcse or gcse?
Super - 30-Aug-20 @ 9:39 PM
Hi my son is home schooled, he’s 16 in feb. I need some advice on gcse as I have no idea where he needs to go or what it will cost .we live in Medway .
Pat - 29-Aug-20 @ 10:12 PM
HI . my son did not get the required grades for his gcse and he will need to resit his exams next June. we are planning for home schooling , we live in derby. does any one know how can I arrange this. any exam center that can help
MN - 25-Aug-20 @ 7:02 PM
Hi there I’m thinking of home schooling my daughter who is going into year 9 and just wondering about GCSE and the cost of them and how to go about sorting all of it. Kind regards Kerry
Kerza - 30-Jul-20 @ 11:47 AM
For everybody asking about exam centres - we have an exam centre in Oldbury, situated right next to Sandwell & Dudley train station. If you would like any more info please send an email to enquiries@ferneducationandtraining.org
FernEd&Training - 22-Jul-20 @ 10:52 PM
My 22 year old daughter missed out on education at school due to physical illness and severe anxiety, not helped by attitude of school. She needs one A level in sociology to access the degree course she wants to do. She’s confident that she can attain this BUT is adamant that she will not be able to sit in a school exam room. Are there any anxiety friendly registered exam centres near SW London that allow pre tests?
Catskill - 13-Jul-20 @ 6:55 PM
Hiii, I’m planning to homeschool my son from year 10, please advise about the course selection and exams
Naz - 13-Apr-20 @ 6:25 AM
I am on the verge of taking my child out in year 10 as mental health issues which are worse at school. Do people use online schools as seem expensive or just teach from books/ private tutors etc. I did adult maths recently but that was free
Nimo - 23-Feb-20 @ 8:47 PM
My son is home-schooled (very recent) due to stress at School.He is due to sit his GCSE next year and a local Secondary School have accepted him as a Private Candidate.My only problem is what papers does he need to sit, IGCSE or GCSE its a real minefield of information.I am told that IGCSE is better because its all theory.Just need a bit of advice if possible.I am getting him to sit his English this year just so that he does not need to do them all in the same year.Again, very confusing as I am told he needs to sit 3 papers for IGCSE Language and 2 papers for GCSE Literature.Wow a lot has changed since I was at School.Any help appreciated.
CJ - 18-Feb-20 @ 3:57 PM
DIZZYBLONDE, i home educate my sons but I took time off myself with illness for nearly the whole last year of school and the school still allowed me to come in and sit exams. I think it’s up to the school but I would ring and ask your school and maybe ring your local council if you have no luck with the school.
ZoeLou - 26-Jan-20 @ 9:49 AM
Hi, Anyone who needs any support with the content when home educating can contact me for help.
Paulo473 - 25-Jan-20 @ 5:57 PM
Where can you find out more information about home schooling, and taking GCSE exams for the future? I am thinking of taking my daughter out of school, she is in year 7 and has high anxiety. Now for home schooling I don't if us the mum a d dad teach her. But I need to learn more before we take this step. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. You can message me on 09761600111 THANK YOU
Baba - 6-Jan-20 @ 10:26 PM
Hi, I need to home school my 14 year old daughter due to high anxiety at school. Please could you tell me my nearest exam centre where she could sit just maths and english exams.Thank you in advance.
Kaz - 2-Dec-19 @ 3:09 PM
Hello all. Here for a little advise if possible please? Due to VERY unfortunate timings we are possibly looking at relocating in November 2020. My son will then be in year 11, close to the point of sitting his GCSE's. I'm wondering if he could be "homeschooled" for the next 5/6 months and then return home to sit his GCSE's. Would this be even possible? I'm so stuck trying to find a way forward for him :( Thank you in advance.
Netty - 11-Nov-19 @ 8:20 PM
Hi SHAN, contact your local Connexions. They should be able to help. You can take GCSE's for free in colleges but I think that's for 16 plus.
Sophia - 20-Sep-19 @ 6:45 PM
hello, I’m in year 11 but I’m homeschooled due to severe anxiety I really want to take my GCSEs to become successful in life however I can’t find where I need to take them, and my mum can’t afford to pay the exam prices as they work out to be a lot! Any ideas on what to do?
Shan - 20-Sep-19 @ 9:20 AM
Hello, I hope my message can help! I have a son who suffered from anxiety and could not access school during 4 years. We signed to Wolsey Hall online course but PLEASE do not pay for more than 5 subjects for any online schooling as it's very demanding and anxiety will continue (but at home this time!). As nearly all sixth forms and colleges will take a child with 5 GCSEs, it is better to focus on 5 subjects and aim to succeed rather than select 8-10 subjects and feel like you're playing catch up all the time. The new GCSEs are more demanding and more thorough (I am a teacher with 20 years of experience) so choose 5 subjects they enjoy and hire a few tutors for a once a week lesson. It's good to have some professional support as well as independent learning. Our son did succeed his GCSE and thanks to an organisation that works with our County Council, he took most of his exams at home. We were so thankful but this requires planning and an Health and Education Care Plan.
Soso - 12-Sep-19 @ 3:11 PM
My sons 15 he suffers from anxiety and depression,he has problems with coping with school as really not happy there,dosnt want to go back,wants me to home school him on his last year 11 where he would be taking his exams GCSE,can I get him into college to do them,and if I help him in his last year,where do I start ?the school council won’t help and said I have to sort it if i continue to home school
Twiggy - 29-Aug-19 @ 7:53 PM
I've just taken my daughter out of school she is now being homeschooled due to her anxiety. But when it comes to GCSE's I'm lost, I'm reading that she could do them now if she wished. I need advice on the best way to homeschool her.
Breda - 27-Jun-19 @ 8:05 PM
Can I ask my sons school if he can sit his exams there? He hasn't been for 3 months now due to medical reasons and anxiety and is off register, but I am lost as to where he can do his Gcses, so please help me if possible, thank you?
Dizzyblond - 26-May-19 @ 7:38 PM
Education system does not care. LAs are more interested in showing bad behaviour even though these prob start at school. Do not give up on your child. Consider registration privately in your area preferably colleges. There is no law that protects high achievers. The schools will do everything to destroy your child through labelling.Remember school governors have no powers now. My advice is joining online teaching forums.Do not even rely on the education system. 07885582540
Local friend - 19-May-19 @ 8:39 PM
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